The Perfect Construction Service to Call When You’re In Benton, MS!

Construction has never been the easiest thing to handle. Its complex and risky feature can say why you should not manage it alone. The best thing you must complete your construction project without getting your hands dirty is to rely on a reputable construction contractor like Jesse Construction LLC. I have training and experience in construction. So you can guarantee a professional finish. If you are around Benton, MS, call me right away!

What Services I Can Deliver

Electrical Service

Electrical Service
Anything related to electricity is not an easy task to handle. If you’re a beginner or amateur and know nothing about the process, especially when it comes to electrical wiring, you better be practical and hire a reliable company like ours. I can work wonders and handle everything that involves electrical. So do not take anything for granted. You can hire my company to get a safe and seamless electrical service! Book an appointment today!

Plumbing Service

Plumbing Service
Although many people would argue that working on plumbing is not a challenging task at all, there are numerous situations that only experts can handle. That is why if you do not want to experience costly problems, hire a reputable construction service provider like me to help you with everything. I can install, fix, restore, and replace your plumbing system right away! Say, and I’ll do it for you. Book an appointment today!

Minor Carpentry

Minor Carpentry
Do you have any carpentry projects at home? Whether you need to make a new kitchen cabinet or storage, it is essential and beneficial to hire an affordable construction specialist like me to help you. I can create a cabinet, chair, table, or storage. So there is nothing you should doubt about me. I can work according to your needs. Call me if you need my help! I will come to you right away and work on your carpentry projects!

Why Should You Hire Me

You should hire me to handle all your construction needs. Why? Aside from being dedicated to working, I am also passionate and committed. Meaning I am engaged to finish your project well. Plus, I also offer reasonable rates. That is why my clients keep coming back for more. So if you are interested and need my help with construction, call me now! I will give you the best possible services and results when you choose my service!

How Do I Deliver My Services

I deliver my services passionately. It is my way of keeping my home happy and healthy. I also provide free estimates and reasonable deals. So you can guarantee a seamless construction outcome. So what are you waiting for? Contact my company now!

The Areas I Also Serve

  • Eden Village,┬áMS
  • Yazoo, MS
  • Durant, MS
  • Tchula Town, MS
  • Lexington, MS

Jesse Construction LLC is the perfect construction company to trust when you need one in Benton, MS. For more inquiries and updates, call me at (662) 208-6956 today! I will address and accommodate you immediately! So don’t be shared by dialing my number!

Client Testimonials
by Jazmine Bright on Jesse Construction LLC
A Big Thanks to This Company!

I did not make a mistake in choosing this construction service provider. He guided me in planning and preparing and did everything I wanted. He also fixed electrical problems in my house. So kudos to him. If you need a company to help with your construction needs, this is the one I can recommend.

Jesse Construction LLC
Address: 753 House Rd, Benton, MS 39039
Phone: (662) 208-6956

  • Electrical Service
  • Plumbing Service
  • Minor Carpentry Service

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